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GEMA's 'Ready Georgia' campaign prepares residents for severe storms | Weather

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GEMA's 'Ready Georgia' campaign prepares residents for severe storms
GEMA's 'Ready Georgia' campaign prepares residents for severe storms

(WXIA) -- Severe Weather Awareness week began on Monday, and Georgia Emergency Management Agency has organized a campaign to help Georgians get ready for what storms could hit neighborhoods. 

The campaign has been named Ready Georgia, and helps people prepare for the possibility of strong winds, tornadoes and flooding, a spokeswoman said. Even small things, like securing outdoor objects and getting rid of dead tree branches can make a difference. 

According to the spokeswoman, Georgians may not realize how dangerous thunderstorms can be, because they are so common to local areas.

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Along with Severe Weather Awareness Week, Ready Georgia and officials said that if one simple action a day is taken, people in Georgia communities could become better prepared for storms. Among what can be done, they recommend checking yards to make sure nothing can be blown away, and cause damage nearby.

Most thunderstorms are about 15 miles in diameter and last around 30 minutes, the spokeswoman said. Ten percent are classified as severe, and have winds of 58 miles-per-hour or higher. These storms can produce large hail and tornadoes. 

The National Weather Service reported that storms hit in Georgia 45 - 55 days of each year, with the highest occurrences happening in July. 

When preparing for storms and to stay safe, Ready Georgia suggests tips to follow, including staying inside, wearing rubber-soled shoes, secure outside doors and shutters, avoid showering or bathing, use mobile phones, and monitor local weather coverage. Further, GEMA suggests having and emergency supply kit on hand.

For more information, visit Ready Georgia or GEMA online.