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Eco-Fabulous Explored on Beltline Tour

Eco-Fabulous Explored on Beltline Tour

The Atlanta Beltline project is a diverse 2.8 billion project to renovate neighborhoods, parks and commercial space for an area of the city that will be connected by town-car (incorporating old railroad tracks).  The project incorporates nature and neighborhood's existing materials to create a neighborhood that's "eco-fabulous", as our tour guide called it. Brian Leary, the brain behind this project was a college student who was inspired by a similar plan in Paris.

Every Friday and Saturday at 9:30AM, the Atlanta Beltline hosts a free three hour tour along this beltline that highlights the circle that the town cars will transit. Currently, this Beltline tour is reserved for the next year but I was lucky enough to find a seat, due to a cancellation.

I didn't know what to expect on these tours. When I signed up I had never imagined the tour would take three hours out of my Saturday.

Coke CEO gives $1 million to Emory

Coke CEO gives $1 million to Emory

ATLANTA -- John Brock, chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc., his wife Mary and their three children have donated $1 million to Emory University to support health sciences.

The Brocks gave $500,000 for advances in the Emory School of Medicine, starting the John and Mary Brock Diagnostics and Discoveries Fund to Benefit Patients.

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

Tracking programs created to bring jobs to Georgia

ATLANTA -- With Georgia's unemployment rate remaining in double digits, 11Alive journalists are busy digging into three programs that promised to create jobs.

One of them is the federal stimulus program.

According to the state's Stimulus Accountability website, the federal government has granted Georgia approximately $3.2 billion in stimulus funds. Georgia's unemployment rate was around 8.8 percent just prior to the start of the stimulus program. Two years later, unemployment has risen to the current rate of 10.1 percent.

Where are the stimulus jobs?

In Paulding County, the stimulus program is getting mixed reviews.

Paulding County has received approximately $46 million in federal stimulus funds. The unemployment rate there was 6 percent in 2008 before the stimulus program. Unemployment in Paulding has risen to its current rate of 10.6 percent.

City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory

City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development and the Office of Parks has conducted the first comprehensive inventory of the city’s publicly-owned downtown trees.  The inventory included an assessment of the trees along streets, boulevards, parks, and public spaces in the downtown area.  The tree inventory will provide information about the species, size, quality, and condition of public trees in downtown Atlanta. 

Information from the inventory will help establish management priorities by:

  • identifying trees that need to be pruned or removed,
  • revealing any systemic problems with pests or disease,
  • identifying the distribution of tree species with size, height, and other characteristics, and
  • providing an up-to-date report on the overall condition of the trees. 

The inventory identified locations with sufficient space for planting trees, aiding in future planting efforts. 

Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons Harnesses The Power of The Sun Thanks To Radiance Solar

Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons Harnesses The Power of The Sun Thanks To  Radiance Solar

Designed and installed by Radiance Solar, the system on top of Georgia Tech’s newest facility, the G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, features 360 Suniva panels and 30 AET solar hot water collectors. The installation of the 86-kilowatt array will not only help to power the four-story center, but will serve to educate the students at the Institute about solar energy.

Jamie Porges, Chief Operating Officer of Radiance Solar, commented on their work done on the rooftop installation: “The Clough Center is a world class facility and Radiance Solar is excited and honored to be part of this project.  Newcomb & Boyd, Cleveland Electric and Art Plumbing were great clients and partners to work with on the solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.”

Radiance Solar designed the Clough Commons photovoltaic system using high-efficiency solar modules manufactured by Georgia-based Suniva.

DEKALB: Vote on new smoking ban deferred

DEKALB: Vote on new smoking ban deferred

DECATUR, Ga. -- DeKalb County Commissioners have pushed back a vote on an expanded anti-smoking ordinance within the county. 

DeKalb's Board of Health has been pushing the tighter ordinance for months.

They claim second-hand smoke averages out to more than $500 in healthcare costs for each county household.

But owners of DeKalb's eight strip clubs have protested that including them in the ban will encourage their customers to go to competitors in other counties.

The extended smoking ban would also include parks, ATM lines and other outdoor locations.

County commissioners had been scheduled to make a decision on Tuesday, but after hearing both sides, delayed their vote until their next regularly scheduled meeting in two weeks.

Some businesses, like restaurants that are already under a county smoking ban, say customers will get used to it.

Hundreds hiring Thursday as Ga. jobless rate rises

Hundreds hiring Thursday as Ga. jobless rate rises

ATLANTA -- Thousands of jobseekers descended on the campus of Atlanta Metropolitan College on Atlanta's south side to attend a day-long job fair hosted by U.S. Representatives John Lewis and Hank Johnson.

Coca-Cola, Comcast and Gwinnett County Schools were among nearly 100 companies looking to hire at the fair at the fair, which ended at 5 p.m.

Traffic for the Congressional Black Caucus job fair stretched for blocks around the campus, and fire/rescue officials said at least eight people suffered from heat-related illnesses while waiting in line. 

People were not permitted to enter the campus for the job fair after about 2:30 p.m., according to the Atlanta Fire Department's Jolyon Bundridge.