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Photo Gallery | 11Alive CIA Team discusses the role of investigative journalism with Emory students

EMORY --  11Alive's CIA Team, made up of Shawn Hoder and Ross McLaughlin, spoke to a group of Emory students last week about investigative journalism and its role in policy making.  The particular class that heard the emmy-award winning duo speak was U.S. Political Institutions and Health Policy Implementation led by Janet Cummings, Asst. Professor in Health Policy and Management.

U.S. Political Institutions and Health Policy Implementation is a class that  teaches students about the U.S. entities and mechanisms that influence the federal and state health policy-making process, including the legislature, executive branch, courts, interest groups, political parties, and the media. 

The CIA Team was there to both talk about the role they play as media members, and to screen their award winning Pill Mill undercover investigation in which they were able to successfuly engage legislators in GA to create new laws regulating/tracking drug presciptions.

According to students in the class, "Mr. Hoder and Mr. McLaughlin were able to provide real world examples about an important role that the media can play in our policy process."