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A Family's Curse

Atanta, GA - A North Georgia Family is one of the few in the world that lives with terrible odds. Half of them will get Alzheimer's Disease.

"We just love each other."

It is a tender moment between 76 year old Mildred Lowman and her 9 month old grandson Elijah, caught on home video. The two of them are nestled together on the couch. But Mildred doesn't know Elijah is her grandson. She thinks he is her baby.

"I watched her and my son switch places." 41 year old Holly Phillips took care of her mother as she deteriorated from Alzheimer's disease. Phillips and her two sisters bore the burden of care until the very end, happy they were able to keep her at home until she died two years ago. Her loss is felt at every family get together. So are the losses of four of Mildred's siblings, who also had Alzheimer's disease. But the losses for the entire family are too many to count. 

Game of the Week Nominees: Playoffs Round Two

DRUID HILLS, GA -- The online voting came down to the wire, but Hiram at Tucker won the right to be 11Alive and Atlanta.HighSchoolSports.net's Game of the Week, beating out Flowery Branch-Kell by a 1.1 percent margin.

Class 4A was well-represented in this week's voting. Three of the four nominated games were 4A contests. Hiram at Tucker received 50 percent of the vote and 11Alive will broadcast live from Adams Stadium for Friday's 6 p.m. news.

Hiram is coming off of a 35-10 win over Lambert in Round One. The Hornets are 9-2, having lost to 11-0 Kell and 9-2 East Paulding. They play an undefeated Tucker team that has been dominating opponents since their 31-24 double-overtime win over Marist on September 3rd. The Tigers most recently beat Loganville 50-6 in Round One.

Both teams lost in the second round of last year's playoffs.

Cindy Crawford at Children's Healthcare

Never before have so many doctors at Children's Healthcare loitered the hallways, waiting for a certain visitor to pass by. But when that visitor is supermodel Cindy Crawford the loitering makes a bit more sense.

Crawford spent most of the morning at Children's visiting patients in different parts of the hospital. Crawford is in town for a promotion for Rooms to Go. Rooms to Go is a longtime donor to Children's and Crawford has spent much of her life trying to bring awareness to kids and childhood cancer.

Crawford lost her brother leukemia when she was ten years old and he was just four. She remembers driving two hours each way from their home in Dekalb Illinois to the hospital in Madison Wisconsin for treatment. She says that back then no one ever talked of a cure, they only talked about how much time they had.

House Democrats Elect New Minority Leader

ATLANTA -- It's a first for the Gold Dome.

House Democrats have elected State Rep. Stacey Abrams Minority Leader for the next legislative session.

She will be the first woman and the first African-American to hold a leadership position for either party in the General Assembly.

"It is an honor and privilege to serve as Minority Leader in the House," Abrams, who represents House District 84 in Atlanta, said in a statement. "I take this call to leadership very seriously and will devote myself to developing the tools our caucus needs to better communicate with the voters in their districts."

The 36-year-old lawyer replaces DuBose Porter, of Dublin, who launched an unsuccesful bid for the Democratic nomination for governor. She defeated state Rep. Virgil Flood, of Tyrone, in a secret ballot election on Wednesday.

PARKatlanta Comes Under Fire in Forum

ATLANTA -- Officials with the City of Atlanta and PARKatlanta formed a united front on Saturday to face tough questions and criticism during a public meeting in Southwest Atlanta.

"You came in like gang members not giving any information," one resident said. "You sat there and gave tickets the week before last at a funeral. A funeral."

PARKatlanta has been under fire since it took over control of the city's parking enforcement a year ago.

As part of its contract, the company pays the city $5.5 million a year, then keeps the rest of the revenue generated through tickets and fines.

Seacrest's Gift to Sick Kids

ATLANTA -- Teenage friendships can be fickle and fleeting, but not Leah and Kera's.

"I was outside one day and she was too," said Kera. 

"Yeah in the garden, she came up to me," Leah chimed in. 

"And I was wondering what she had, and she was wondering the same thing about me," Kera finished the thought. 

Kera has Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer. Leah has leukemia. Both spend far too much time in the hospital, but they have found each other and in typical teenage fashion, they share their love of shopping, albeit modified.

VIDEO: Dalai Lama Press Conference at Emory University

ATLANTA -- Emory University welcomed the Dalai Lama back to campus this week. The Dalai Lama is on staff at Emory, and spoke at a news conference.

The Dalai Lama is on staff at Emory as a Presidential Distinguished Professor as part of the Emory-Tibet Partnership, which was established there in the mid-90s.

As part of the partnership, Emory scientists teach the Tibetan Monks about modern science, while the monks come to teach everyone the art of compassion and mind.