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DeKalb Judge Accused of Misconduct, Steps Down

DECATUR -- A DeKalb County State Court Judge has stepped down and agreed to never serve on the bench in Georgia again after allegations of judicial misconduct.

Judge Barbara J. Mobley submitted and Gov. Nathan Deal accepted her letter of resignation on Friday, effective immediately, according to the terms of a deal with the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which began investigating her in April.

The investigation was sparked by a laundry list of complaints filed by court personnel.

Publix Goes Curbside

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- "Obviously carrying around a 20-pound baby in this awful weather is not ideal, " new mom Michele Clough said from the comfort of her warm dry car. She sat outside the Toco Hills Publix on a very rainy day, waiting for her groceries that she shopped for online.

The Toco Hills Publix is one of two in the country testing a pilot program that allows shoppers to do all their shopping online and then pick up their groceries curbside, without ever having to leave their cars.

"You place your order online," Clough said. "You just pick a time slot when you're going to come, like a 30-minute time slot, and then you just drive up and they load it up." She even gets to use her coupons.

Emory Allows Males, Females to Share Campus Apartments

ATLANTA -- New housing rules at Emory University have been a bit controversial. Starting this fall, students will be given the option to live on campus with a person of the opposite sex.

"It's really just an acknowledgement that the students are mature enough to make the decision about who they want to live with," said Elizabeth Brandt, the Student Government Association President.

Even if that person is of the opposite sex.

Emory University announced that they will be offering gender neutral housing for juniors and seniors on their Clairmont campus.

"Here's an opportunity that you don't have to identify your gender to be able to live in this housing. So if there is a person who might be going through a process or considering what gender they identify with, they don't have to worry about it in this situation," said Dean of Students Briget Riordan.

Emory says that their survey showed that more than 60 percent of students were interested.

127 May Be Suspended from DeKalb Sheriff's Office

DECATUR, GA -- DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown says 127 Sheriff's Deputies and Detention Officers, 15 percent of the workforce, face a two-day suspension without pay for not making it to work during last week's crippling snowstorm.

DeKalb Sheriff Thomas Brown has no sympathy for the no-shows.

"Anytime you are dealing with public safety employees and emergency workers, they are expected to go toward the danger and not away from the danger," Brown said. "They should have planned by having some additional clothes, then looked at their wives, husbands or whomever to say 'I will see you in two days. I have to go and do what I am paid to do to protect the public'."

The Sheriff said he made it in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Brown's biggest concern was at the county jail.

Marcus Sides with Autism Scientists in British Study

ATLANTA -- Controversy continues to swirl around the latest study  to challenge the link between vaccinations and autism. A recent investigation in the British medical journal BMJ called Dr. Andrew Wakefield's work in 1998 an "elaborate fraud" -- a charge the doctor vehemently denies.

Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot and founder of the Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta, puts himself in the middle of the heated, emotional issue.

"You have two schools of thought, and then you should have this scientific group in the middle that doesn't have any political agenda that just cares about the kids," Marcus said. "I've tried to associate myself with that group of people that doesn't necessarily agree or disagree."

Marcus sides with the scientists.

DeKalb Superintendent Gets $73,000 Raise

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- The DeKalb County School Board voted 6-3 Tuesday to give Interim DeKalb County School Superintendent Ramona Tyson a $73,000 raise.

She had been working at her old Deputy Superintendent's salary of $165,000 since taking over for Superintendent Crawford Lewis last February. He was suspended, then fired after being charged with corruption.

Lewis' salary was $255,000 when he left. Tyson's new salary will be $238,000.

When the school board initially announced the terms of Tyson's new contract in December, some parents were outraged that the school system would even think of such a move when it's $50 million in the red. Public hearings were held before the school board's final vote Tuesday.

MARTA, Gwinnett Scale Back Bus Service

ATLANTA  -- MARTA is operating on a limited schedule today with only 12 routes running because of icy conditions on roads throughout the Atlanta area.

Service will run until 1:30 a.m., but riders should expect delays on all routes.

Rail service will remain on a Saturday-Sunday schedule ending at 12:30 a.m.

As for what the future holds, MARTA's deputy GM tells 11Alive's Matt Pearl they expect to be running on a full weekday schedule by Tuesday, Jan. 18. They expect to run at a normal weekend schedule -- at least for the rail service -- from now until that date. At this point, much of the bus service depends on the roads.

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