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Worst Summer Ever? | News

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Worst Summer Ever?

ATLANTA, Ga. -- It has dampened many a weekend plan. It has darkened many a mood. And the rain shows no sign of letting up.

Facebook friends post rants that mock the rain, 'Oh great, another rainy day. What a shock.' 

So is it as miserable and rainy as we think? Miserable is up to you to answer. But the National Weather Service had the rest of the answers. 

This is the second wettest year ever in Atlanta, going back to 1929. It's the fourth wettest year ever if you go all the way back to 1878. 

The average rainfall this year is supposed to be 28.56 inches.
So far we are at 44.06 inches.

It has rained 19 out of 21 days in July. 

It rained 19 out of 30 days in June. 

And the rain is keeping it cool. We normally have 21 days with over 90 degree temperatures by now. 
We've had six. 

And maybe the single most depressing statistic of all is that there has been only one rain free weekend in all of June and July -- June 22nd and 23rd. 

So here's the bad news and good news. 
Bad first. 

The Climate Prediction center says the three month outlook predicts more rain than normal. 

The good news -- and this is only because we're competitive -- we could break the all time rainiest year on record in Atlanta. The record was sent in 1948 with more than 71 inches of rain. 

We found some unlikely wisdom in a picture taken by Dorie Griggs in Roswell today. She found a squirrel sunbathing on her deck during those few moments of sun.

We've decided we need to be like the squirrel. Wait for the bright spots. Then soak it up.