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Appraiser: School board shortfall data released weeks ago | News

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Appraiser: School board shortfall data released weeks ago
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DECATUR, Ga. -- The DeKalb County School System basically lost $12 million in projected revenue in what appeared to be the wink of an eye. But the county agency that crunches the numbers says the school board may have overlooked numbers that had been available for weeks.

The revenue projections are based on data gathered in downtown Decatur at the tax assessor's office. It's no secret that property assessments are down, which is why property tax revenue is down.

But on Monday night, school board officials said they got new data -- just in the previous day or so -- that drastically reduced those projections.

But that data was available weeks ago, says the man behind the data, Dekalb chief appraiser Calvin Hicks.

"So I think we have distributed two documents, May 16th and May 30th," Hicks said.

Hicks was reluctant to point fingers at the school board.

"I know what we sent. I can't tell you anyone there has reviewed any of the documents we sent," he said.

DeKalb School board spokesman Walter Woods contends that the school system hasn't overlooked anything -- and was genuinely surprised this week with new numbers indicating a budgetary hole that's $12 million deeper than it was.

Both men say new numbers will come out this week -- which may provoke another reassessment of the DeKalb school system's tax fortunes.

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