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Do You Have a Green Thumb? | Home & Garden

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Do You Have a Green Thumb?
Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Want to learn the core principles of landscape design? Check out the Emory University Certificate in Landscape Design program. Eric King, ASLA, and Holly Brooks, who are local landscape professionals, teach students over the course of a year how to design a functional, beautiful landscape that gets better as it ages.

"People learn the basics of hardscaping, how to conduct a site analysis, and how to develop a design that fits that site and makes the homeowner happy," said Eric King, King Landscaping. "They also learn the basics of what would be needed to actually install the plan. That way they have a sense of cost and understand the complications that might come up during the installation."

King said 60-80 percent of the students are considering a career in landscape design. The remainder are there for personal enrichment. The male to female ratio is evenly split, and all ages are represented.

Motivations have ranged from an architect who wanted to diversify his services to retired people who wanted to start a different career.

A green thumb isn't required, but a green mindset is. "The most powerful skill set is the desire to do this," said King. "When you bring that to class, anybody can learn and get better at it."

To learn more about the Emory Certificate in Landscape Design, go to http://ece.emory.edu/landscape_design/index.cfm. The next class begins Aug. 21.