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Parenting a College Student: What to Expect | Events

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Parenting a College Student: What to Expect
Parenting a College Student: What to Expect

It happens at the same time every year.  That once-in-a-lifetime experience for parents, dropping their kids off at college for the first time.  It's a difficult transition for parents, going from having a high school student always around to having a college student only at home occasionally.  Emory University psychology professor Marshall Duke speaks to parents at Emory's orientation weekend to help them with that transition.  He supplies tips for how to cope, discusses what emotions to expect, and what to say to your student when your leaving campus.  He also talks about best practices for helping your student grow into a responsible adult.

Here are a few of those tips:

1) Don't be a helicopter parent. 

2) Let your student fix their own problems.

3) Have something meaningful to say when you're leaving campus.

4) If you have difficulty expressing yourself, write it down and mail your thoughts and feelings to your child.

5) Just because your student isn't texting you everyday doesn't mean something's wrong.  He/she is probably busy.