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Publix Goes Curbside | News

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Publix Goes Curbside

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- "Obviously carrying around a 20-pound baby in this awful weather is not ideal, " new mom Michele Clough said from the comfort of her warm dry car. She sat outside the Toco Hills Publix on a very rainy day, waiting for her groceries that she shopped for online.

The Toco Hills Publix is one of two in the country testing a pilot program that allows shoppers to do all their shopping online and then pick up their groceries curbside, without ever having to leave their cars.

"You place your order online," Clough said. "You just pick a time slot when you're going to come, like a 30-minute time slot, and then you just drive up and they load it up." She even gets to use her coupons.

After Clough shops online, Publix employees take a cart around the store and do her shopping for her. Whether it's lunch meat, specific cuts of meat, fresh veggies or herbs, they pull it all together and have it waiting. The convenience and time saved costs $7.99, no matter how small or large the order. For Clough, it's a no brainer.

"To be able to drive up in your car and not get out in this weather, not have to lug her in and keep her entertained for 45 minutes while I shop is awesome!" Clough said.