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Interesting Georgia High School Mascots | News

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Interesting Georgia High School Mascots

ATLANTA -- Georgia high schools have some of the most interesting  mascots in the country. Atlanta.HighSchoolSports.net takes a look at some of them.

Brantley County Blue Herons: Brantley County's school is basically in a swamp about 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Caney Bay. Though the Blue Herons are not a common mascot, they serve sports well. According to Nature.org, herons are "territorial and will aggressively defend their nests from interlopers."

Cairo Syrupmakers: The Syrupmakers will be at the top of any list of unique mascots. Though many people believe the name comes from Karo syrup, Karo is not from Cairo. Rodenberry's is the syrup that calls the South Georgia city home. The school's women's teams are referred to as Syrupmaids.

Clarkston Angoras: This DeKalb County high school is glad to be unique in Georgia and explains how the Angora nickname came about: "In the past, students who were going to school in the North Druid Hills area would come through Clarkston on the train and pass near the school. Next to the train was a pasture where goats always grazed as the train passed by. Because of this, the students began calling Clarkston 'Goatville.'" An Angora, a type of goat, became the natural choice for the school's mascot.

Glynn Academy Red Terrors: According to Friday Night Football Georgia, Scottish Highlanders, who wore red, defended the Georgia coast from the Spanish. Naturally, they became known as "Red Terrors" and the name stuck to Glynn Academy. 

Johnson-Savannah Atom Smashers: According to the school's website, "Sol C. Johnson opened its doors in 1959 as Powell Laboratory School under the direction of Savannah State College. The college hired the teachers for the school, but the Board of Education paid them. Thus, the science-heavy Savannah school stuck with a scientific nickname, the Atom Smashers. Then, the Class of 1962 donated a statue of a bronze, atom-smashing arm.

Jordan Red Jackets: The Columbus team mascot has a different color from most Jackets because it is does not stem from clothing or an insect. The Red Jacket is a "small brass cannon that was first used to fire a salute of 500 guns when Georgia seceded from the Union," according to Jordan's website. The cannons have a rich history, which the website expands on.

Warren County Screaming Devils: Before 1970, there was a Warrenton for whites and a Warrenton for African-Americans. After integrating the two schools, whose mascots were the Blue Devils and the Screaming Eagles, respectively, it only made sense to combine the schools' nicknames. Thus, the Screaming Devils were born.

Other notable Georgia high school sports nicknames include the Battle Creek Warriors, Gainesville Red Elephants, LaFayette Ramblers, LaGrange Grangers, Long County Blue Tide and Valwood School Valiants.