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Cindy Crawford at Children's Healthcare | News

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Cindy Crawford at Children's Healthcare

Never before have so many doctors at Children's Healthcare loitered the hallways, waiting for a certain visitor to pass by. But when that visitor is supermodel Cindy Crawford the loitering makes a bit more sense.

Crawford spent most of the morning at Children's visiting patients in different parts of the hospital. Crawford is in town for a promotion for Rooms to Go. Rooms to Go is a longtime donor to Children's and Crawford has spent much of her life trying to bring awareness to kids and childhood cancer.

Crawford lost her brother leukemia when she was ten years old and he was just four. She remembers driving two hours each way from their home in Dekalb Illinois to the hospital in Madison Wisconsin for treatment. She says that back then no one ever talked of a cure, they only talked about how much time they had.

"The other thing nobody talked about. We not only lost my brother, we were $25,000 dollars in debt. My father had to go back to work the day after my brother's funeral."

After the death of her brother Crawford's mother became involved in raising money for cancer research and Crawford says it set her on a path. On this morning she delivered stuffed bears to a dozen patients, visiting with them and their families and taking pictures.

One of the doctors who met Crawford in the hallway told her that a friend of his had told him that his mother was Crawford's high school guidance counselor and that Crawford had gone to her and told her she had some college scholarship offers and some modeling job offers.

The doctor told Crawford that his friend's mother remembers telling her, "Cindy, there's no money in modeling. Go to college." Crawford told the doctors, "I actually received a scholarship in chemical engineering at Northwestern and I quit after one semester." She pauses. "It worked out anyway." She laughs and the doctors laugh.

One of the world's most beautiful women, Crawford uses her celebrity to bring attention to struggling children, drawing them into her spotlight for the day.