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Accreditation Loss Would Impact Homeowners | News

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Accreditation Loss Would Impact Homeowners

ATLANTA -- One week from today accreditation teams will be reviewing documents and conducting interviews inside Atlanta Public Schools.

It will take 2 weeks to assemble the information and 30 to 45 days for APS to learn the results.

11Alive News learned Wednesday teams will examine the school systems "leadership" and "governess." Those are two of seven elements needed to certify APS.

The loss of accreditation would have a disastrous impact on Atlanta's economy.

11Alive's Jeff Hullinger spoke with Harry Norman's top residential real estate producer, Travis Reed, " We lose the schools, we lose the value."

Reed's signs can be seen all over intown zip codes. He better than anyone- - understands the renaissance of midtown over the last 15 years.

"What happens if APS loses?" Hullinger asked.

"I think we'll revert back to the 70's, when you had flight out (the city). Everybody will be headed to Dunwoody and Cobb County," Reed said.

He also said 95 percent of his clients are concerned about schools before they either buy or sell a home.

"A lot of our markets are pushed by the elementary schools and the high schools. People buy in those areas for that specific reason," said Reed.

Morningside resident Bob Silvia has two children who attend Morningside Elementary School. He also sits on the parents council. He is worried about the neighborhood in light of APS problems.

"Because if accreditation goes away, my property goes down, and the tax base goes down, which means they have to figure out how to raise the millage rate on the houses because the money goes away," Silvia said.

The husband and father of two is unhappy with the board of APS.

"The folks downtown don't seem to have their act together and they are more concerned about their own jobs than about my children," said Silvia.

Mayor Reed also weighed in on the issue today telling Hullinger downtown, "I do believe that we will be able to retain the accreditation of the schools. We are going to take the steps necessary to stabilize the school system and cause it to grow and improve again."