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127 May Be Suspended from DeKalb Sheriff's Office | News

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127 May Be Suspended from DeKalb Sheriff's Office

DECATUR, GA -- DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown says 127 Sheriff's Deputies and Detention Officers, 15 percent of the workforce, face a two-day suspension without pay for not making it to work during last week's crippling snowstorm.

DeKalb Sheriff Thomas Brown has no sympathy for the no-shows.

"Anytime you are dealing with public safety employees and emergency workers, they are expected to go toward the danger and not away from the danger," Brown said. "They should have planned by having some additional clothes, then looked at their wives, husbands or whomever to say 'I will see you in two days. I have to go and do what I am paid to do to protect the public'."

The Sheriff said he made it in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Brown's biggest concern was at the county jail.

"The inmates were in lockdown, but we still had to feed them," Brown said. "We were critically understaffed and that created unsafe conditions for the other employees who made it in."

He used strong language in a letter to all 127 deputies and detention officers.

"You knew bad weather was coming and not making provisions to be on duty to assist your co-workers during this stressful time was reprehensible," he wrote.

The Officers can appeal the two-day suspension.

"You come to me," he said. "Tell me why you couldn't come and then I go through a little dialogue and see if I agree or dispute that."

But as Tom Salata, an Atlanta Attorney says, be prepared before you walk in the door.

"Document want happened on Monday. How you tried to get in touch with your employer, the condition of your neighborhood, and document the reasons why you could not show up for work," Salata said.

If it doesn't work, be ready for two days off without pay.